"Wellness encompasses a healthy body, sound mind and a tranquil spirit"

- Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

Dear Friend, 


Thank you for your interest in learning about my Wellness Realignment Coaching Programs. I am very excited to share these self-empowering natural health and healing tools with you. My quest to find balance in practicing holistic health and a natural lifestyle has blessed me with precious experiences and knowledge to share with you. Adopting a holistic healthy lifestyle practice is one of the best investments we can gift to ourselves. I congratulate you on taking the first step for being curious, and I can’t wait for you to discover more!

My mission here is to support and serve you as a friendly guide in your journey of finding wellness realignment. All of my programs are designed with simplicity, practicality, and efficiency in mind along with my extensive research and learnings throughout the process and evolution from my very own intimate personal healing journey.


living in this modern world, we often experience stress, stagnation, and health issues due to an epidemic of external and internal toxicity and malnourishment that are often neglected. By addressing poor lifestyle practices and adopting nutritional and natural healing programs, we can improve many health concerns if we know the way. I sincerely invite you to explore this holistic adventure with me. I will show you many powerful healing tools to revitalize and optimize your health and well-being.


The root philosophy of my work is to bring back the wisdom of living a simple and natural way of life while finding pure joy and harmony that serves our body, mind, and spirit in a higher light and purpose. I can assure you this journey will shower you with many authentic blissful experiences and navigate you to achieve an inner flow and vitality for a lasting result. We will explore that among many of the chronic health issues in our modern society can usually be alleviated and transformed based on applying the Three Principle Practices to Revitalize Your Health. In my Wellness Realignment Coaching Programs, we will be deep-diving into understanding and practicing these principles:  

1. How to Properly and Safely Detoxify the Body with Medicinal Herbs and Fasting. 

2. How to Regenerate the Body with Hight-Vibe Plant-Based Nutrition.

3. How to Balance the Wellness of  Body, Mind, and Spirit through Mindfulness and Self-Care Practices. 

You will be provided with practical strategies and support to help you clear blockages, regenerate well-being, and build a sustainable foundation for a vibrant healthier lifestyle.

I can’t wait to connect with you! Please browse my programs and book a Free Discovery Session, if you are interested to work with me. 


May your life be blessed with abundant light and joy.

Your Wellness Realignment Journey Begins Here

Let's Bring Back Simplicity and Get Down to the Basics

Are you overwhelmed by the many hundreds of different diets, protocols, products, and information out there on the market that promise you improvement of chronic pain, dis-ease, weight loss, better gut health, better skin, better sleep, and more energy, etc? Working on our health and wellness shouldn't be overly complicated.

Let's bring back simplicity and get down to the basics! When we optimize our digestive and gut health, care for our endocrine system, strengthen our body's natural detox pathways, and in the meanwhile nourishing our body with quality minerals, organic high-raw plant-based whole foods, superfoods, and medicinal herbs, our body will naturally be purified and healed with time.


I will show you how you can enhance the quality of your life and enjoy a holistic healthy lifestyle with my wellness healing tools. I am also super excited to share my healthy recipes that are created to bring yummy joy and bliss to your life!


With Love and Gratitude,

Ming Ming

Discovery Session

Have questions? Don't be shy! Lets's talk and find out if we are a good fit to work together. My goal is to help you to achieve yours.  

10 Day Program

This 10-Day Reset My Health Starter is a one of a kind Do-It-Yourself Guide you wouldn't want to miss! This program includes a special 3-day herbal cleanse and toxin binding protocol, a 7-day

high-vibe plant-based nourishing

meal plan, and a detox 101 beginner's guide that will help you to kick-start a positive habit change with many valuable resources and powerful tools!

Great for wellness newcomers. 

21 Day Program

Are you ready to reset gut health while boosting your energy, mental clarity, and overall vitality? This program will guide you on how to safely conduct an

intro-level detox cleanse and nourish your body with high-vibe plant-based goodness. This is a great foundational program for everyone!

8 Week Program

Are you experiencing a few minor health issues and wish to address the misalignment within your body but don't know where to start? This intermediate-level program has all the powerful tools you need to know on how to open and strengthen your natural detox pathways, boost your immune system, clear inflammation, and regenerate your health from A to Z. Great for those who want to experience a total wellness upgrade! 


12 Week Program

This 12-week advanced-level program is designed for those who experienced few substantial toxicity and health issues that require more work and time to rebuild their wellness. We will focus on a different stage of drainage and purge for the harmful toxins such as chemicals,

heavy metals, and parasites. You will

also learn how to alkalize your body to maintain a healthier internally balance

for the long term!

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Wellness Consulting

Are you looking for a more customized program to fit your special needs?  Do you have some holistic health and wellness-related questions and want to find personalized guidance?  Are you interested to change your diet and wish someone can walk you through the steps from A to Z? I am here to help you or your group to enjoy an epic and creative holistic experience!