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Green Smoothie

Here are a collection of high-quality and content-rich ebooks to support you on your wellness journey. Let them help you transform your eating habits, body, and energy!


 21-Day Easy Detox 
Meal Plan & Recipes

Are you experiencing health challenges and would like to feel better? Do you feel lost and unsure of where to begin when it comes to eating healthy? This easy detox meal plan and recipe ebook is designed to help you develop healthy eating habits, gain confidence in your kitchen, and effectively reduce inflammation and toxins in your body. Learn how to prepare nutrient-rich plant-based meals with simple ingredients and cooking methods, all with absolutely delicious flavors!

 Detox Meal Plan Recipes

This Detox Meal Plan Recipe ebook features a collection of healthy and tasty plant-based recipes that nourish your body and support the detox process. Inside this ebook, you will discover 32 easy-to-make, flavor-packed recipes accompanied by high-quality photos. These recipes are ideal for individuals seeking to adopt a simplified and healthy eating approach to address inflammation, boost energy, and promote vitality.


 10-Day Total Detox & 
Body Reset Program

Do you want to learn how to properly detox at home and experience newfound energy? Are you tired of trying different cleanses but not seeing results? This is the ultimate one-of-a-kind DIY guide you've been looking for. This program includes a special 5-day detox meal plan and recipes, a 5-day juice cleanse, a special toxin binding protocol, and a detox 101 guide for beginners. You'll have all the tools and resources you need to kick-start a positive habit change to transform your body and energy! 

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Sprouts and Microgreen Magic

Effortless Steps to Home Harvests

Do you want to eat more healthy? Let's learn how to grow LIVING FOOD at home! This ebook will make your life easier by showing you how you can grow sprouts and microgreens without putting yourself through a complicated process. You can do it! Get started right now and add more high-quality nutrients to your diet while saving money. 


100 High-Vibe Plant-Based Recipes Kitchen Handbook

Do you collect recipes but rarely use them due to their complicated ingredient lists and preparation processes? This recipe book was created to solve that problem! Every recipe in this book is carefully formulated and taste tested to meet the needs of a healthy foodie like you. You will love this book if you want to spend less time preparing nutritious and delicious healthy meals. You will also find some traditionally loved comfort foods that are recreated with nourishing whole food ingredients and simple cooking methods. 

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Mindful Practices for
Overcoming Emotional &
Unconscious Eating Habits

Many people suffer from emotional and unconscious eating habits that negatively impact their health and well-being. In this mindfulness practice guide, we will explore and deep dive into addressing conscious and unconscious behaviors that affect our habits and actions. Furthermore, you will learn how to practice and rewire your attention to develop healthier mindsets and make positive changes that will transform your body, energy, and life. 

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Green Smoothie
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