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Scott Howard

Image by Dose Juice

Ming Ming is an amazing and inspiring teacher. Her guidance into a balanced and holistic approach toward my health has been incredibly beneficial. Leading by example, she takes excellent care of herself and her clients. She has encouraged and educated me in the use of herbs, self-care, nourishing plant-based recipes, and liberating mindfulness practices. I'm now vegan and feeling better than ever. Thank you! 

Lisa Adriana

Image by pixpoetry

I am so grateful for Ming Ming’s wisdom and sincere care. Ming Ming stands out as a truly genuine and dedicated healer who is in passionate service to elevate both the human spirit and physical health to new levels. She has such an extensive knowledge of both eastern and western healing modalities and is always researching and trying new things. She is also highly intuitive and able to tune into your personal needs and identify the best course of action with a practical plan that's easy to implement. I trust her implicitly. I have had the joy of working with Ming Ming on a number of service-oriented projects over the years. What has always inspired me is how committed and highly competent she is all the while caring deeply for those around her. I truly treasure our connection and highly recommend her services. 

Lily Dong

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

At age 52, my first stop was to lose 12 lbs so I like the way I look. After that, I found Ming Ming, and she expertly helped me clean my body from the inside out, focusing on regaining a healthy gut. I was very irregular, even when I ate salads every day. With Ming Ming’s well thought out protocols plus yummy and healthy recipes for what to eat, I have become regular again. Ming Ming pays attention to all the details, from my mental state to how my body is responding to the protocol. With weekly check-ins, I feel she's there with me every step of the way to glowing health again. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants the same for themselves.

Sean Lloyd

Green Juice

Ming Ming is truly a unique person. Rarely do you meet people in this world that has such an elegant blend of serenity, intelligence, generosity and compassion. Drawing from a vast knowledge of healthy plant-based raw food, cooking, natural medicine and spiritual understanding, her perspective brings with it the balance of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality. Her sense of integrity and purpose is precisely what I needed, and her guidance and commitment is something I will forever be grateful for. Thanks, Ming Ming.

Cindy Hsiaoyune Shen

Image by Brooke Lark

During the last week of May in 2022, My Mandala Art Soul Sisters Group in the Bay Area invited me to participate in A 5-Day Juice Detox Retreat hosted by Ming Ming in Bodega Bay, California. It was the perfect time to take good care of my health when my body and my energy level were struggling for a while. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I was feeling very ready at that point in life.

It was a precious period to let go of my routine life and to experience a retreat with my soul- sister friends. During the retreat, Ming Ming was acting very responsively and effectively attending, assisting, and guiding the group and the individual's needs. Her teachings about detox, fasting, plant-based eating and growing organic foods were also very helpful. Throughout the whole week, we all experienced vulnerability and strength to go through the healing process and activities that we co-created and offered to the group. We also have all grown and become very close friends like soul sisters after the retreat.

During the detox, I have experienced my body becoming lighter and healthier. I have gained more energy, and my skin tone and my eyes have become brighter. I also feel mentally and emotionally calmer with more clarity and positive thinking. A week after the detox retreat, my lower back, kidney, and bladder felt much better. I have much more energy than I used to. I am really looking forward to continuing the journey of self-healing and also helping others too.

Ming Ming’s knowledge, wisdom, and sincerity in healing and helping people and the planet was shown through her acts of unconditional love. I couldn’t think of anyone more trustworthy than her when we were going through the detoxing and healing process. She is a messenger of Mother Gaia (Mother Earth). I am blessed to have had such a beautiful week with her and with my other beloved soul sisters. Of course, Ming Ming has also become one of our closest sisters now. She is also a very talented and creative artist. I can tell from her artworks through my art workshop and through her cooking too.


Thank you, Ming Ming. I love you and thank you from my heart.


Very Sincerely,

Cindy Hsiaoyune Shen

June 9, 2022

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