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12 Week Program

This 12-week advanced-level program is designed for those who have experienced a few substantial toxicity and health issues that require more work and time to rebuild their wellness. If you have never tried a comprehensive in-depth detox program or have experienced very unpleasant healing crises while doing a cleanse before, this program is for you. You will learn how to properly prepare your body for a deeper cleanse. We will focus on strengthening and opening your detox pathways in the proper order for safe drainage and elimination. You will learn how to use natural chelating agents and toxin binders to safely release and purge parasites, heavy metals, and chemicals such as BPA and glyphosate. You will also find out how to alkalize your body to maintain a healthy internally balanced terrain sustainably by rebuilding your health with high-vibe plant-based whole foods, superfoods, and healing herbs. You will also learn how to practice gentle mindfulness and self-care to enhance a positive experience on your wellness journey. This 1:1 coaching program will fully support your personalized experience and is truly empowering for someone who is ready to dedicate their intention and energy to creating a real transformative self-healing experience. 


1:1 Coaching  $3950

A 60 ~ 90 mins session on your personalized health and

wellness assessment + in depth education on the Three Principle

Practices to Revitalize Your Health.

40 mins session of a 1:1 follow-up coaching call once a week (12 calls) plus unlimited text message support.


A personalized detox and health regeneration protocol focuses on cleansing and healing the GI tract, strengthening the liver and kidney function, optimizing drainage of the lymphatic system, and purging parasites, heavy metals, and chemical toxins while addressing your unique wellness challenges and needs.

Ongoing practice to remedy and address client's unique wellness challenges and needs in different detoxing phases

Education and detail instructions on advanced-level fasting methods and other holistic detox and healing modalities.


Personalized recommendations for the use of dietary choices, superfoods, healing herbs, detox aids, and high-quality

natural supplements.

A personalized plan of mindfulness and self-care practices for achieving balance and alignment of your mind, body, emotions,

and spiritual wellness.


High-vibe plant-based recipes and sample meal plans.

Diet Plan

Join this program today to start your epic holistic wellness journey!

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