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21 Day Program

If you are ready to reset gut health, boost energy, experience more mental clarity, and upgrade your overall vitality, you have come to the right place! This intro-level detox and plant-based nourishing program is designed to help you lose toxins and inflammation. You will learn how to cleanse your body with safe and powerful detox protocols and to rebuild your gut health with delicious high-vibe plant-based whole foods, superfoods, and healing herbs. You will also learn how to practice gentle mindfulness and self-care to enhance a positive experience on your wellness journey. This 1:1 coaching program will fully support your personalized experience and has many helpful foundational tools for anyone who desires to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change and see real results!  


1:1 Coaching  $985

A 60 ~ 90 mins session on your personalized health and

wellness assessment + in depth education on the Three Principle

Practices to Revitalize Your Health.

40 mins session of a 1:1 follow-up coaching call once a week (3 calls) plus unlimited text message support.

A personalized detox and health regeneration protocol focuses on cleansing and healing the GI tract while addressing your unique wellness challenges and needs. 


Personalized recommendations for the use of dietary choices, superfoods, healing herbs, detoxing aids, and high-quality

natural supplements.

A personalized plan of mindfulness and self-care practices for achieving balance and alignment of your mind, body, emotions,

and spiritual wellness.


High-vibe plant-based recipes and sample meal plans.

Diet Plan

Join this program today to start your epic holistic wellness journey!

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