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I am Ming Ming.

A Holistic Healing and Detox Coach.

I am here to help you simplify your path to holistic health and guide you towards alignment through natural healing modalities and an alkaline, plant-based lifestyle.


Let's embrace a new paradigm by moving beyond symptom-focused treatments. Join me in exploring empowering tools that facilitate profound changes at the core, setting you on a transformative healing journey.

Is This You, My Friend?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the flood of health information and struggling to take actionable steps? Or perhaps experiencing burnout from trying too many things?

  • Trying numerous diets, supplements, and health products without seeing sustainable improvements in your chronic health issues or lasting results?

  • Experiencing issues such as poor digestion, bloating, constipation, and other chronic gut problems that lead to feelings of pain, stagnation and sluggishness?

  • Dealing with stubborn weight issues or facing hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain and irregularities, low sex drive, and mood swings?

  • Suffering from joint pain, chronic inflammation, allergies, skin problems, or unexplained rashes?

  • Experiencing brain fog, lack of mental clarity, lack of energy, and dealing with poor sleep quality or insomnia?

  • Seeking a way to reverse your chronic health disease and liberate yourself from dependency on medications?

  • Already practicing a healthy lifestyle but want to learn more about plant-based nutrition and other holistic healing modalities to up your game and deepen your detox process.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Health?
Book a free discovery call with me and let's set you on the path to vitality and alignment.

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What Clients Are Saying...

I am so grateful for Ming Ming’s wisdom and sincere care.

Ming Ming stands out as a truly genuine and dedicated healer who is in passionate service to elevate both the human spirit and physical health to new levels.

She has such an extensive knowledge of both eastern and western healing modalities. She is also highly intuitive and able to tune into my personal needs and identify the best course of action with a practical plan that's easy to implement.

I trust her implicitly. What has always inspired me is how committed and highly competent she is all the while caring deeply for those around her.

I truly treasure our connection and highly recommend her services. 

Lisa Adriana

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The Art of Living in Alignment

Thank you for visiting Body Pure Prana! I have a gift to share with you! 

The Art of Living in Alignment is a Holistic Self-Care Guide created to help you find flow and balance in life. In this E-book, you will find 32 ideas and gentle reminders on many holistic wellness self-care routines and mindfulness practices. In addition, you will also discover some artful and fun ways to explore your inner connection and authenticity. Living in alignment is the ultimate self-care practice for the mind, body, and spirit. I really think you will enjoy it!

The Art of Living in Alignment
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