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Our mission is to help you enrich
the flow of your life.


We are incredibly thrilled that you have found us!


BODY PURE PRANA is a holistic wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting awareness of natural, healthy, and balanced living. Our mission is to help you enrich the flow of your life. 

The inspiration behind our lifestyle brand is PRANA. Prana in Sanskrit means the universal energy and vibrational current that flows through us and connects us. This pure energy consciousness transcends all creations and manifests in its highest form in vitality and vibrancy. 


When we introduce positive intention and awareness to our lives toward finding balance, joy, and health, we will be empowered to cultivate a mindful outlook on our daily habits and actions that contribute to our personal transformation and growth. This will pave a way to manifest a world that is closer to aligning with our inner truth and nature. 


We warmly invite you to explore our website. We offer eBooks, coaching programs, and events focused on holistic healing, detox, and plant-based lifestyle education. You will learn how to safely and properly detoxify your body and regenerate your health through high-vibe plant-based nutrition. We also support a coherent mind-body-spirit connection and alignment through self-care and mindfulness practices that will help you feel more in tune with yourself. 

We are very passionate about networking and connecting with like-minded communities! We invite you to join our events where we host classes and workshops with other holistic healers and educators that you will not want to miss. Furthermore, we also host wellness retreats throughout the year so you can tune in, rejuvenate, expand, and celebrate your total well-being while enjoying all the wonderful programs we facilitate for you. We look forward to connecting and sharing an amazing experience with you.


Come explore, connect, and find your BLISS! 



Ming Ming is the founder and visionary of Body Pure Prana. Her passion for creating more bliss and harmony in the world led her to create this holistic lifestyle brand.

During her early years, she spent over a decade developing tasty plant-based recipes as a chef consultant and has worked across the country since 2008. Furthermore, she also organized a number of large vegan events and Earth Day festivals on the West Coast. Her mission through these endeavors was to help animals and the environment by bringing more plant-based lifestyle awareness and options to the community.


Over the years, Ming Ming realized that poor lifestyle practices and a lack of knowledge about holistic health were among the primary factors contributing to distress, misalignment, and disconnection with our bodies and well-being. Having grown up in Asian culture, she was very familiar with the spiritual philosophy and natural healing concepts of traditional Chinese medicine. Her journey to self-healing began after she discovered Iridology and had her first reading. She began to work on her health by learning about natural living lifestyles, holistic healing modalities, and mindfulness practices, This included meditation as a way to return to her own inner wisdom.


Throughout her personal healing journey, she experienced the incredible benefits of fasting and detox routines, using medicinal herbs and essential oils as her personal home pharmacy, as well as focusing on full-body nourishment with organic high-vibe plant-based whole foods and superfoods. On this path, she was also able to reverse several health conditions and heal many symptoms caused by hormone imbalances.


Having experienced personal transformation through natural healing work, Ming Ming is now dedicated to sharing her knowledge and helping others as a Holistic Healing and Detox Coach. It is her passion to support others to discover and experience natural health, renewed vitality, and inner joy.

Our world is transforming into a

new paradigm... 

A natural and holistic lifestyle revolution is leading us to connect more with our harmonious loving nature and the world around us. This healing journey and realignment will become one of the most refreshing and rewarding life experiences and adventures. Let us share more Connections, Beauty, Love,

Knowledge, and Yummy

High-Vibe Foods Together!

Ming Ming
Image by Luke Michael
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