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About This Ebook

This ebook is designed to make your journey into growing sprouts and microgreens effortless. You don't have to search through countless videos and blog posts or experience trial and error. With this ebook, you'll find answers to most of your questions. It also features many high-quality photos and a simplified, step-by-step process that allows you to start producing immediately. I have also created a convenient quick growing guide that you can print out and put on your fridge. This will help you look up the steps at a glance when you need them. If you are a beginner at growing sprouts and microgreens or have tried before but still found it challenging to navigate, look no further. This is the ultimate growing guide you've been looking for.

What you will learn from this E-book:

What is the difference between sprouts and microgreens?

What are the nutritional benefits of sprouts and microgreens?

How to use sprouts and microgreens in your diet?

Which types of seeds are ideal for growing sprouts and microgreens?

What tools and mediums should you use for growing?

How to grow larger versus smaller microgreens?

Clear and simple steps and processes for successful growth.

How to harvest, sanitize, and handle sprouts and microgreens.

Proper storage methods and shelf life to keep them fresh.

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