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10 Day Program

This program is a one-of-a-kind gem designed and created with simplicity and proficiency in mind. You will find it to be very educational and easy to follow. If you want to lose weight, boost energy, and feel a heightened sense of vitality, this program will help you achieve that in 10 days. It is that POWERFUL! You will learn how to gently detox your body with simple plant-based foods and deepen your detox experience by following a juice and herbal cleanse. I will show you how to do it safely and easily at home. I've also included a Detox 101 Guide for Beginners as a helpful resource I'm sure you will enjoy. If you are a wellness newcomer and have never tried detox before, this is THE ULTIMATE at-home DIY detox program you don't want to miss!


What you will get in this program

Instructions on how to use this program.

Action Lists to follow daily from Day-1 to Day-10.

Program Schedule Template for you to print out and fill in activities. 

5 days plant-based meal plans + simple & easy to follow recipes.

3 to 5 days juice cleanse plans + simple & easy to follow recipes.

Special instruction on how to use Toxin Binders + DIY formula and usage. 

A Detox 101 Guide for Beginners comes with 

  *15 superfood & natural supplement benefits and uses.

  *10 healing herbs benefits and uses.

  *6 best detox routines to improve a better blood flow & cellular function.

  *10 self-care and mindfulness practices.

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